A Craze kids promotion is a short term loyalty promotion – targeted at families with kids – that rewards customers with a free collectible gift for every certain amount spend during a promotional period of 6-8 weeks.

We focus on making kids happy with free collectible gifts, so they will directly or indirectly motivate their parents to spend more and visit the store more often.
Our promotions are not only designed to increase turnover and market share but also attract new customers and help building and maintaining the brand image.

With our kids promotions we aim for nothing less than a hype. We want to make children happy by rewarding them with high quality premiums that they can collect, trade and play with. We distinguish ourselves from others by creating new and innovative carriers/premiums that we also have patented. We are unique and can’t be copied. To make our premiums even more appealing, we often brand our promotion with a well-known license.

Our promise: since we are very cost efficient and don’t need to make huge margins for our stakeholders (we are privately owned), we can offer a better product for the same price or a similar product for a better price. But we don’t do similar.


By adding great licenses to our ingenious kids promotions, we have created unique promotions that can’t be copied and have the potential to make a huge difference in very competitive markets, such as food retail, petrol and pharmacy.

Craze only works with the best and most popular licenses in the world and is official loyalty partner of Hasbro. Our highly experienced licensing team – with over 25 years of experience in the business – is constantly updating our licensing portfolio with promising new licenses. This so we can always offer our clients licenses that are on trend.


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