Kicker Table


TOPPEEZ are high quality figurines that can be mounted on the unique Kicker Table and on all types of pencils. The TOPPEEZ were designed using 3D scanning data of the players from the Belgian Red Devils, so resemblance is self-evident. There are 22 different players to collect, both in a home and away jersey, so 44 in total.


The TOPPEEZ can easily be mounted on the Kicker Table. Just remove a standard character from the bottom (legs) part and replace it with a TOPPEEZ. You can switch players as much as you like. The Kicker Table was tailor-made for the TOPPEEZ and build to last a long time. The Table has a size of 90 cm x 47 cm x 15 cm and weighs approx. 6,5 kg.

Above the Line


Each counter display unit holds 50 TOPPEEZ and always includes the entire collection on 44 players. The unit has a hole in each of the 2 flaps, that you can use to place a pencil in. Of this pencil you can display the actual TOPPEEZ product.


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